Biden DOJ Uses FBI To Target Parents, US News Revolution
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Judicial Watch

Now the DOJ is targeting parents that are concerned about their children’s curriculum.” 

A recent memo issued by Attorney General Merrick Garland calls for the FBI and DOJ to “address the rise in criminal conduct directed toward school personnel” – a policy Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton describes as an excuse to target parents who are critical of CRT and other left-wing teaching material. Relying on guidance from a prominent liberal education group, the National School Boards Association, which Fitton states, “compared these parents to domestic terrorists and suggested using the Patriot Act to target them,” the Biden DOJ is now “targeting average Americans going to school board meetings and complaining about Marxist propaganda brainwashing going on in our nation’s schools.”

“Just like that,” Fitton notes, “you had AG Garland essentially issue an all hands on deck command to the national security establishment to target parents that were ‘threatening’ school board members.” The measure, Fitton argues, is “designed to intimidate parents [who are critical] of critical race theory extremism, transgender agenda extremism and the other threats to the safety, security and privacy of their children.” Essentially, “they want everyone now to know that if you go to these board meetings, the FBI may come knock on your door.”

By attempting to shut down any criticism of school curricula, Fitton argues that “a basic operation of our democracy is under attack.”

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