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“I was arrested for a Facebook post.”

A Canadian man opposed to medical segregation was arrested for a non-violent Facebook post.

After it was announced that the Canadian Blue Bombers football game on August 5th would be open at full capacity to fully vaccinated spectators only, Patrick Allard took action on social media and posting the following on Facebook:

Mr. Allard was looking to block both roads leading into the stadium, with a crowd size of only 75 people on either road, half the 150- limit set for gatherings due to Covid restrictions.

The stadium holds upwards of 30,000 people, but only those who have been fully vaccinated are allowed in. Those who have refused the vaccine on personal grounds and those who cannot get the vaccine will not be admitted. A physical card or an online app showing proof of vaccination will be required to enter the stadium.

Patrick followed up his Facebook post on Instagram where he claimed the game opener could be a “super spreader event” and voiced his concerns for fellow Manitobans attending the game while claiming that the Bombers team appears to be in support of medical segregation. Shortly after his posts, Mr. Allard was arrested:

The Winnipeg Police Service released a statement claiming his arrest was due to him “failing to comply” with the conditions of his release order. Mr. Allard, a frequent critic of Manitoba’s lockdown, had been arrested for other non-violent activities where he allegedly breached Canada’s Public Health Act as a freedom event organizer. The condition they cite prohibits him from planning any more gatherings and inviting anyone to any gatherings, contrary to public health orders.

Allard stated that “the Winnipeg Blue Bombers is a tax-payer owned organization, and tax-payer funded. The taxpayers ponied up quite

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