Our very existence is a miracle gift from God: Survival, premonition, rebirth and the coming defeat of Satan and all his minions across pharma, tech and media

(Natural News) We are all created in the image of God. Some of the gifts from God include consciousness, your soul and the very gift of life itself. God put you here in this time for a reason. Suffering is not the reason. While you may need to endure suffering, your purpose transcends the suffering and serves a higher purpose that is aligned with God’s mission. God is the creator and protector of Life. Satan is the destroyer of life, and all those who are with Satan relish in the destruction of human babies (abortion), human economies (destitution), human joy and freedom (through tyranny) and human communications (censorship). All those who espouse censorship, tyranny, abortion, government control and vaccine mandates are literally aligned with Satan. They are Satan’s servants, and their goal is the complete destruction of not merely America but of human civilization and any connection with God. Thanks to God’s gifts through Mother Nature, we are surrounded by natural medicine and actual cures for cancer and all the other chronic degenerative diseases that currently plague humankind. But most humans are too foolish to see the medicine that nature has provided, so they seek “man’s medicine” of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and chemotherapy. These are all aligned with Satanic principles of death, destruction and suffering. Importantly, those who worship Satanic medicine will be destroyed by Satanic medicine. In essence, the entire system of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, chemotherapy and mind-altering chemical control is a death cult pretending to be a system of “health care.” But it doesn’t care about your health… only the healthy profits of the demonic corporations that are reaping the financial rewards from the mass suffering and death of their victims.Large corporations have even found a way to profit from the deaths of their own employees by taking out life insurance policies on their employees, then mandating vaccines in order to kill a significant number of them. The beneficiaries of the policies are the corporations themselves, so they literally cash in by killing off their own workers. Remember this when you realize that nearly all the tech giants — Apple, Facebook, Google, etc. — have pushed vaccine mandates on their own people. Many of those people will be dead before long, while their employers rake in the windfall from the life insurance payouts. (Corporations are literally betting on the death of their own employees, then ordering them to get vaccinated.) I cover that in today’s Situation Update podcast, around the 30 minute mark and throughout the second half: Brighteon.com/ebeb5542-3f1c-4c90-936a-caa6dd9ce232 You can choose to live in the light, and to listen to God and be saved from demonic destruction On the bright side of things, the great news is that you can choose to live in the light and not be deceived by darkness and destruction. By turning away from Satanic influences and actively choosing God, you are quite literally saved from demonic destruction. But it’s not just what you say in words that matters. It is very clearly explained in The Gospels books of the Bible (New Testament) that we are judged by the way we choose to live our lives, expressed through our daily actions, not merely the words we utter. Thus, turning away from demonic influences and embracing God’s mission for light and life is a daily practice of continual action, not merely a once-a-week declaration that you “believe” in God. If you believe in God, live his teachings in your daily life. Demonstrate to others what it looks like to live a life of morality, ethics and faith. This is a lifelong pursuit and none of us achieve it with perfection, but with each daily decision, we have the power to choose a path that brings us closer to the divine. Hear all about this (and much more) in the Situation Update podcast from Monday, which carries a very inspiring message for humanity: Brighteon.com/44c55190-daa5-42f5-b2c0-f2d6f9d44ff8 Touched by God – this “download” of an imminent event came true in five days On the morning of January 9th, I was awakened at around 5 am with an instant “download” of certain knowledge about an impending, catastrophic event. I described this knowledge in the January 10th Situation Update podcast, explaining what had been planted in my consciousness with an urgency to share it publicly. So on January 10th, I published my podcast containing this: …[It would be] soil replaced with water, a catastrophic event, that seems like it might be waves, but it’s more than that, it’s almost like somehow there’s an earthquake that involved with a tidal wave, there’s vibration of the Earth and the vibration is liquefying something, some solid foundation is turning to liquid, and the dirt is being replaced with water, and there’s a washing away of the dirt, like a mass erosion taking place.  The dirt moves out and the water moves in…  I got a sense of urgency from this. Real urgency. Something is imminent involving water, erosion, liquefaction, the erosion of the pillars underneath the cities. Five days later, the Tonga explosion took place, unleashing a global shockwave and tidal waves reaching multiple continents. As the New York Post reported, the Tonga volcano island collapsed right before the eruption. The soil was replaced with water. Using a difference overlay, I can accentuate that shockwave as it traverses the entire globe. The antipode of Tonga is over Northern Africa. #tonga #HungaTongaHungaHaapai @NWS @USGSVolcanoes pic.twitter.com/BNS0DsfLrm — science.out.there (@ScienceOutThere) January 15, 2022 Just as the “download” had indicated, this event unleashed a global shockwave, tidal waves, a global vibration and the washing away of “dirt” with water. It was exactly aligned with the knowledge download that awakened me on January 9th. In this podcast, I describe the experience of being given this knowledge in advance of the event, and what I think it means about God, consciousness and the importance of being sensitive to receiving information: The truth is, I believe, that if we can be still and listen, God will show us the pathway to navigating this global collapse and rebuilding human civilization after the defeat of the demonic destroyers. Satan is going down, and with him, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Banks and Big Government will all be decimated. Those who pushed the vaccines, the lies, the baby murder, the election rigging, the counterfeit money and the child trafficking will all be destroyed and tortured in Hell. The transition to a new civilization will be painful, like a rebirth, and billions will not survive it. But humanity will emerge into a new golden age on the other side. That much is clear. Bless you! And thank you for your blessings upon us. 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Rasmussen poll claims most Democrats support imprisoning the unvaccinated in concentration camps

(Natural News) Our country faces a serious threat from within. A new Rasmussen poll has found that most Democrat voters are in favor of extreme punishments for people who refuse to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). By party breakdown, a whopping 55 percent of Democrats say they support imposing fines on people who refuse to comply with jab mandates. Amazingly (if these polls are to be believed) 19 percent of Republicans said they, too, support fines. Twenty-five percent of Independents, meanwhile, responded that they support tyrannizing the unvaccinated. The Heartland Institute survey also asked how voters perceive Tony Fauci, with just 21 percent of Republicans saying they approve of him. An incredible 75 percent of Democrats, comparatively, just love Fauci. When it comes to the prospect of kidnapping children from their unvaccinated parents, 29 percent of Democrats say they would be all for a policy like this. Another question asked how voters feel about Joe Biden’s jab mandate for all employees of companies with 100 or more workers. Just 22 percent of Republicans agree with this, while 78 percent of Democrats say they want Biden to inject workers by force. The full poll results are available online. Some Democrats are waking up and standing in opposition to covid tyranny Should the unvaccinated be forced to stay at home using force if necessary? Nearly half of all Democrats said yes to a question along these lines, as well as to one about attaching Mark of the Beast-like tracking devices on the unvaccinated.“President Biden’s strongest supporters are most likely to endorse the harshest punishments against those who won’t get the COVID-19 vaccine,” reported the pollster. “Among voters who have a Very Favorable impression of Biden, 51% are in favor of government putting the unvaccinated in ‘designated facilities,’ and 54% favor imposing fines or prison sentences on vaccine critics.” Rasmussen emphasized that the near half-and-half division on many of the issues addressed in the poll are the result of “deep partisan divisions” between the “left” and the “right.” Early on in the plandemic, the push for heavy restrictions mostly came from Democrats and RINOs (Republicans in name only) who supported the status quo being pushed by the likes of Fauci. President Donald Trump, meanwhile, bucked the trend by recommending a more freedom-based approach to lockdowns, face masks and the vaccines he helped create through Operation Warp Speed. Things are beginning to change, though, as even some Democrats are starting to question the constantly shifting narrative coming from government officials. “After two excruciatingly long years, likely voters are beginning to question the federal government’s handling of the pandemic,” says Chris Talgo, senior editor and research fellow at The Heartland Institute. “First and foremost, likely voters are beginning to sour on Dr. Anthony Fauci, who seems to have lost credibility after countless flip-flops.” Talgo went on to explain that nearly half of all Democrats are against Biden’s jab mandates, believing them to be more about expanding the power of the federal government as opposed to stopping the spread of the virus. The general consensus, Talgo says, is that the federal government should do less – a lot less – not more. “I won’t pay their fines,” tweeted someone in response to the poll results. “I won’t take their vaxx. I’ll live 100% outlaw if need be. #blackmarketjobspay.” “New York restaurants now have stricter requirements than what our southern border does,” wrote another. “Reflect on that one for a moment.” “So Georgia can’t host the MLB All-Star Game, but the CCP can host the Olympics?” added Laura Ingraham, pointing out the hypocrisy of it all. More of the latest news about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) tyranny can be found at Fascism.news. Sources for this article include: WashingtonExaminer.com RasmussenReports.com NaturalNews.com

LAWLESS TYRANNY: After SCOTUS strikes down employer vaccine mandate, Biden regime pushes businesses to implement it anyway

(Natural News) Because Democrats are really the ‘Tyrant Party’ and won’t take no for an answer even when they issue unconstitutional edicts, the Biden regime is telling American companies to implement mandatory COVID-19 vaccine and testing regimens anyway, despite the U.S. Supreme Court striking down a federal mandate last week. President Joe Biden urged states and companies to go ahead and implement a vaccine requirement even after the high court ruled 6-3 against the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s mandate that would have required companies with 100 or more workers to require staff to get the jab or subject themselves to weekly negative testing, as well as being forced to wear masks at work. “As a result of the Court’s decision, it is now up to States and individual employers to determine whether to make their workplaces as safe as possible for employees, and whether their businesses will be safe for consumers during this pandemic by requiring employees to take the simple and effective step of getting vaccinated,” Biden said in a statement, according to The Hill. Biden went on to indicate that he will pressure companies to ‘voluntarily’ put in place their own vaccine and testing requirements, though he did not elaborate, saying that the ruling “does not stop me from using my voice as President to advocate for employers to do the right thing to protect Americans’ health and economy.” “I call on business leaders to immediately join those who have already stepped up – including one-third of Fortune 100 companies – and institute vaccination requirements to protect their workers, customers, and communities,” Biden noted further, claiming that adding a cumbersome (and unnecessary) vaccine and testing mandate would just be a “modest burden” on workers.“I am disappointed that the Supreme Court has chosen to block common-sense life-saving requirements for employees at large businesses that were grounded squarely in both science and the law,” he said. “This emergency standard allowed employers to require vaccinations or to permit workers to refuse to be vaccinated, so long as they were tested once a week and wore a mask at work: a very modest burden.” Not content with the SCOTUS ruling either, Labor Secretary Marty Walsh indicated that he will try to find a way around it, declaring in a statement that “OSHA will be evaluating all options to ensure workers are protected from this deadly virus.” He also complained about the ruling, saying that it represents a setback for the health and safety of workers, adding that OSHA, which falls under the Labor Dept., stands by the mandate as the “best way to protect the nation’s workforce.” Biden ran on ending the pandemic after savaging Donald Trump for months — though viruses virus, and frankly, this one will simply have to run its course. As for the high court, though a majority ruled against the vax mandate for businesses, two ‘conservatives’ — Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh — inexplicably sided with the liberals in upholding a mandate for healthcare workers who are employed by facilities that receive federal Medicare and Medicaid funding, a decision Biden claimed “will save lives.” Last week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki called the healthcare ruling “good news,” adding it’s news that “maybe isn’t getting enough attention.” “Requirements for health care workers to be vaccinated will save the lives of patients as well as the lives of doctors, nurses, and others who work in health care settings,” she claimed, without evidence (because there is none to justify such an obviously ignorant statement). She, too, went on to belittle employers when she was asked about the Supreme Court’s ruling. The decision “essentially means that in this pandemic, it is up to individual employers to determine whether their workplaces will be safe for employees and whether their businesses will be safe for consumers,” she said. Translation: ‘Our administration can’t stop this virus so we’re looking for scapegoats and we found them in business owners.’ Sources include: TheHill.com NaturalNews.com

Claim: Life insurance company denied payment to man who died from covid vaccine

(Natural News) A life insurance company in France refuses to pay multiple millions of dollars for a covid vaccine death, say media reports, because the man knew about the risk of death and voluntarily took part in the medical experiment. The number of young people with life insurance claims skyrocketed in 2021. In the United States, prime age mortality rates were 40 percent higher in 2021 compared to 2019, and the majority of the deaths were not related to covid-19. These claims are burdening life insurance companies, pushing these companies to the brink. To compensate for the excess in prime age mortality, American employers are starting to deny life insurance POLICIES to people with insufficient vaccine uptake, as if these people are the reason the vaccinated are dying. When “fully-vaccinated” and “boosted” people pass away, they typically receive full life insurance benefits. This trend could change real soon, as life insurance companies start to question the propaganda that falsely claims the “fully-vaccinated” never get covid, never have severe illness, and never die from the vaccine. The vaccines have well-known risks that include death, and insurance companies will have to recognize this growing liability issue that threatens their financial solvency. Life insurance company reportedly refuses to pay for covid vaccine death in France A report out of France is starting to make waves online. An entrepreneur from Paris died after getting the covid-19 vaccine. According to media reports, the deceased person had previously taken out a multi-million-dollar life insurance policy to benefit his children and grandchildren. However, the insurance company is refusing to pay out. They claim that the deceased person took part in a medical experiment at his own risk, and the side effects of the covid-19 vaccines are well-known and published. This insurance company says covid-19 is not classified as a “critical illness,” but the side effects of the vaccine do include death.The insurance company claims that the deceased person violated the insurance contract by partaking in an experimental medical intervention with known risks. The family is suing the insurance company, but have so far been unsuccessful. The deceased person took a life-threatening risk that can legally be recognized as suicide. The insurance company does not have to pay out for suicide, and refuses to pay for deaths caused directly by the covid-19 vaccines. The family’s lawyer, Carlo Alberto Brusa, posted about the case on social media. According to the report, the court ruled in favor of the insurer. The court recognized the insurer’s classification of the man’s death, that the man knew about the side effects of the phase three experimental vaccine — side effects that include death. The family’s appeal was denied because the insurance contract is clear: A fatal risk that is publicly known is “not covered by the contract” and is “legally considered as suicide.” The court ruled that the man voluntarily took part in the experiment. The family could appeal that ruling on entirely different grounds and claim the man was compelled to take the vaccines via government mandates. Would the insurance company be forced to pay out for the death if the family could prove the French government compelled him to vaccinate and commit suicide against his own will? Life insurance claims spiked in 2021, during the year of the ‘lifesaving’ covid vaccine Insurance broker Howden says life insurance claims were $3.5 billion in 2020 but rose significantly in 2021, to $5.5 billion. There have been $2 billion more in life insurance claims during the year of the “lifesaving” covid vaccine. So far, the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) claim that there have been no reports of non-payment for vaccine deaths, that all “fully vaccinated” deaths in the United States are paid in full. In the US, the Food and Drug Administration recognizes “death” as a side effect of the covid-19 vaccines, along with several other serious adverse events. Over 20,000 deaths have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, and this figure may be under-reported by a factor of eight. How long will it take for life insurance companies to realize that “fully-vaccinated” deaths are systematically bankrupting them? Sources include: FreeWestMedia.com FreeWestMedia.com NaturalNews.com NaturalNews.com

Substitute teacher was FIRED for refusing to “meow” to a student who claims to self-identify as a CAT  

(Natural News) A substitute teacher was ejected from a school for failing to meow at a student during roll call who self-identifies as a cat. A normal student tells the substitute teacher that she “has to meow back at him because he self-identifies as a cat.” The teacher was flabbergasted and asked if there is a litter box in the classroom. The student leaped out of his (its) seat, as the teacher sarcastically barked “roof” at him, and the cat-boy scurried out of the classroom and headed to the office to report the insensitive indiscretion of the sub. That teacher’s reaction really must have rubbed the cat’s fur the wrong way. Does the feline-student need a Covid shot since it’s not human anymore? It won’t need to wear a mask either This is where the gender fluid movement has “moved” us. The country is under siege, as the Covid regime claims “science!” behind all the bad advice, and the gender fluidity flowing through the classrooms has absolutely nothing to do with science either. It’s all nonsense, and now teachers must endure, play along or be fired for not recognizing a boy who says he’s a girl, or a girl who says she’s a boy, or a kid who says he’s a cat, or a rat, or a spawn of Satan. Plus, since the child/teen is no longer a human, they won’t have to bother getting those deadly blood-clotting Covid vaccines or wear a bacteria-breeding mask all day, since Covid is not transmissible to or from cats. And that IS actual science. Still, any teacher who does NOT call a student self-identifier by their imaginary coding (gender and sexual preferences) will be fired on the spot and deemed a racist, or bigot, or conservative, or anti-vaxxer, or something. Whatever happened to the difference between fiction and real life? Watch this substitute teacher go off on video after the school told her to go home for taking roll incorrectly. Go to Rumble to watch the teacher rant.Genetically mutated food, vaccines, children? Oh science. First scientists took salmon and mixed their genes with giant eels to make more Frankenfood salmon to sell the ignorant consumers on the conventional market, and to every restaurant in America. Then vaccines became byproducts of genetic engineering of viral strains and gain of function capability to hop from animals to humans. Now social media and “science” have convinced kids and teens that they should get operations to mutate their genitalia, and their breasts, and take hormone pills that cause cancer so they can grow facial hair, or boobs, and change their voice. This is all supposed to be supported by every parent in the country at all times and at 100 percent compliance or you lose your job, without any say in the matter. You are tried in a court of mass media and your reputation is decimated. You failed social justice warrior academy, libtard school of logic, and the anti-science gender fluidity PC language society. You have violated community standards if you do not believe girls are born with penises and boys with vaginas. You are no longer allowed to speak or post anything to social media ever again, as the psychotic Leftist (Big Tech) regime plows over and through everyone. In Leftist-run states, cities and districts, if a teacher calls a boy a girl or a girl a boy who self-identifies as the other, it is grounds for termination, no regard to tenure or retirement benefits. Any child or teen can switch back to the other gender at a moment’s notice also, and if the teacher fails to recognize this even once, game over. This goes for children and teens who self-identify as cats, dogs, or wild chickens as well. Tune into HealthFreedom.news for updates on schools and governments making US education a total farce while depriving students of oxygen so they can’t learn or even think properly. Sources for this article include: CitzenFreePress.com NaturalNews.com

Antibiotic-resistant genetic material found in biosludge spread on American farms, putting pathogenic genes on our food

(Natural News) Scientists at the University of Georgia‘s Center for Food Safety (CFS) have found that sewage water throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area is contaminated with an antibiotic-resistant gene that threatens to unleash a public health crisis. The gene is resistant to colistin, also known as polymyxin E, an antibiotic used as a last-resort treatment for infections. Colistin is currently prohibited for use in livestock in the United States as part of an effort to slow antimicrobial resistance to the antibiotic. However, the new findings reveal that this mitigation effort may already be a failure as resistance to colistin is already widespread. (Related: Early on, the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) was also found in raw sewage.) “MCR can be spread through global travel and the import of foods from other countries,” the researchers said, MCR referring to MCR-9, the gene in question. “Results of the CFS study prove that the U.S. is no less susceptible to the threat than other nations around the world.” The team went on to reveal that if something is not done immediately to curb this threat, human and animal medicine could become jeopardized beyond the point of return. “It’s a dangerous problem that requires attention from multiple sectors for us to be able to tackle it properly,” they said further. Now that covid fear is waning, health authorities are pivoting back to antibiotic resistance According to the World Health Organization (WHO), antimicrobial resistance is “one of the top 10 global public health threats facing humanity.”This latest discovery in Georgia could mean that this public health threat is already much worse than previously believed, having moved from threat to actual nuisance. “A silent spread of colistin-resistant bacteria is happening in Georgia sewers,” Zero Hedge reported. “If people or animals contract it, there are potentially no medications that can treat their infection, leading to possible death.” “Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better on the global health landscape, along comes the drug-resistant MCR-9 gene.” It is interesting that all of a sudden this is becoming an alleged issue, right as public fear about the Fauci Flu is reaching two-year lows. The general public seems to be waking up to the fact that the plandemic was a manufactured psychological operation (psy-op), so it could be the case that this alleged new sewer threat is the latest ploy to create a new bogeyman. “More bio fear needed. Covid is wearing out,” is how one commenter at Zero Hedge put it. Another pointed out that the United States has spent the last 70 years “weaponizing life, from viruses and microorganisms to animal and human behavior,” so this new antibiotic-resistant bug is to be expected. “Now they wonder why they created super threats,” this same person added. “You break it, you own it.” A simple solution, another chimed in, is to supplement with chlorine dioxide (ClO2), also known as MMS – or to dispense a solution of it straight into sewer systems. “I had elbow bone infection, was swollen badly. Cured it without antibiotics, using MMS and DMSO to penetrate to the bone. Cured in a day,” another commenter explained. “2005 Chinese scientific document as I remember was showing that ClO2 was 5x better in destroying SARS in sewer than usual chlorine pool water treatment. The most potent agent against bacteria and viruses. Forget about antibiotics.” Yet another pointed out jokingly that it must just be “a baffling coincidence” that this new antibiotic-resistant gene happens to have been found in the Atlanta sewer system, Atlanta being the location of the headquarters of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). More related news can be found at Biosludge.news. See Biosludged.com to watch the free film, “Biosludged.” Sources for this article include: ZeroHedge.com NaturalNews.com

Bombshell documents reveal Dr. Fauci signed off on Wuhan gain of function coronavirus research

(Natural News) Project Veritas recently revealed unsettling documents illustrating the link between Dr. Anthony Fauci and the origins of COVID-19. The documents relate to a report by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, which is involved in aiding research into technology that has potential military applications. Project Veritas obtained a report written by a former DARPA fellow, U.S. Marine Corp Major Joseph Murphy, to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense stating that EcoHealth Alliance approached DARPA back in March of 2018 asking for funding to carry out gain of function research into bat-borne coronaviruses. Gain of function research entails breeding existing viruses in a way that enhances their transmissibility and lethality with the aim of developing better treatments for disease. Those who support it believe it is necessary for developing strategies to fight pathogens that endanger public health, like SARS or MERS, but it is banned in many places because of the potential for human error to cause one of these enhanced viruses to accidentally escape from the lab and pose a threat to human health – something that could well have caused the pandemic we’re dealing with now. DARPA rejected the proposal, which was known as Project Defuse, on the grounds that it violated a moratorium on gain of function research, as well as safety concerns. However, despite these serious reservations, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), under Dr. Fauci’s direction, pushed forward with the research, not only in Wuhan but in a few sites in the U.S.This calls into serious doubt past statements by Fauci, who has maintained under oath on several occasions that the NIAID and NIH were not involved in gain of function research with EcoHealth Alliance. The report from Major Murphy also details significant concerns about not only the Covid gain of function program but also the suppression of potential treatments like HCQ and Ivermectin, the mRNA vaccines being pushed on society, and the concealment of various documents. Project Veritas CEO James O’Keefe wants to know who decided to bury the original report, which could have raised red flags with authorities and might have even prevented the pandemic in the first place. Why did Fauci push forward with research the DoD thought was too risky? Speaking recently on Sunday Morning Futures, O’Keefe told host Maria Bartiromo that there are lots of questions about Fauci’s involvement in the funding. He said: “DARPA rejected the proposal because it was too risky. They cited safety concerns, so the question remains, why did Fauci proceed with that gain of function research under NIAID when the Department of Defense thought it was too risky?” The Project Veritas documents were brought up during testimony by Fauci before the Senate Health Committee last week. He called them “distorted” and challenged the allegations, but O’Keefe insists they have been corroborated for authenticity. In fact, O’Keefe reports that Major Murphy has said that more people will likely come forward to expose what happened. “The documents are 100 percent authentic. People can pull into question the Marine Corps major who wrote them, but there really is an inconsistency here, and now we’ve had members of Congress, also a United States senator, Ron Johnson, has written a letter to the Department of Defense — so a lot of questions here remain unanswered.” He added that with the mainstream media spending so much time and energy defending Fauci, whistleblowers are increasingly turning to outlets like Project Veritas to clue the public in on the corruption that is taking place behind the scenes. Sources for this article include: BigLeaguePolitics.com FoxNews.com ProjectVeritas.com

Dr. Stephanie Seneff from MIT issues urgent warning against vaccinating children against covid

(Natural News) Fox News host Laura Ingraham hosted MIT’s Dr. Stephanie Seneff for a brief segment on Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines,” which Seneff warns are extremely dangerous, especially for children. Seneff, who works in MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, expects a major uptick in prion diseases like Parkinson’s due to the way these injections work. “Through the prion-like action of the spike protein, we will likely see an alarming increase in several major neurodegenerative diseases … with increasing prevalence among younger and younger populations,” Seneff wrote with the help of Greg Nigh back on January 3 in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research (IJVTPR). Seneff further told Ingraham that based on everything she has learned so far about the shots, it is absolutely outrageous to be administering them to children, especially since they have an almost zero risk of dying from covid. “When you look at the potential harm from these vaccines, it doesn’t make any sense,” she explained (watch the full segment below). “And repeated boosters will be very devastating in the long term.” Covid shots flood the spleen with deadly spike proteins, which is where neurodegenerative diseases start As is now becoming widely known, the injections do not stay in the arm. They upset muscle cells which generates a substantial immune response. These immune cells then absorb the nanoparticles inside the jabs, causing them to generate massive amounts of spike proteins.“They start making spike protein, the particles basically get your cells to produce lots and lots of spike protein in a hurry – spike is the most toxic part of the virus,” Seneff says. “And these immune cells then rush into the lymph system, many of them end up in the spleen which is where you want them to be to produce the antibodies, that’s the goal.” This then invokes an immune response that causes antibodies to be produced, however the dangers associated with this are immense. “The problem is that those germinal centers in the spleen are really the central place where Parkinson’s disease develops, and probably many other neurodegenerative diseases,” Seneff warns. “But for Parkinson’s it’s been very well laid out that you get prion-like proteins even from infections in the gut, immune cells take them to the spleen, to those germinal centers, and then they start spewing out exosome, these are little lipid particles that are released by the cell, unloading that toxic protein and shipping it along the vagus nerve to the brain.” Seneff is a well-respected expert in this area of study and has spent much time diving deep into the implications of these injections for human health. Based on everything she has uncovered, she says the shots are “a perfect setup” for the development of Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative disorders, and that parents “should do everything they can to avoid” letting their children be subjected to these poison shots. “So don’t inject the kids to save the kids but keep injecting the adults so that the kids will become orphans?” asked one viewer at Brighteon about how the concern only seems to be about children. “The world is lunatic crazy.” Another one wrote that none of this is really shocking when considering the fact that governments “have a long history of experimenting on the population in the name of national insecurity.” “It sounds like the covid narrative is giving both corporations and governments opportunity to do mass experiments upon the public without any liability or accountability or culpability,” this same person added. More of the latest news about Wuhan Flu shots can be found at ChemicalViolence.com. Sources for this article include: Brighteon.com NaturalNews.com

EU ADMITS repeatedly taking COVID-19 vaccine boosters could destroy the immune system

(Natural News) The European Union recently admitted that repeatedly taking Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine boosters could destroy the immune system. According to the European Medicines Agency, the E.U.’s main drug regulator, taking a COVID-19 booster every four months could drastically weaken the body’s defense against infection. Bloomberg later attempted to backtrack its reporting by claiming that what EU regulators actually said was that repeated booster vaccinations could hamper the immune response and may not be feasible. “[Boosters] can be done once, or maybe twice, but it’s not something that we can think should be repeated constantly,” said Marco Cavaleri, head of biological health threats and vaccines strategy for the EMA. “We need to think about how we can transition from the current pandemic setting to a more endemic setting.” Instead of calling for an outright halt to booster vaccinations, the EMA instead suggested that people get a booster for COVID-19 each year during winter, instead of once every four to six months. This would follow the blueprint set out by mass vaccination strategies for influenza. The EMA added that oral and intravenous antiviral medication should also be prioritized while there is still no COVID-19 vaccine specifically targeting the post-vaccine omicron variant, approval for which could come as soon as April. This advice comes as countries all over the world talk about offering people second booster doses supposedly to provide further protection against the surge in post-vaccine omicron variant cases.So far, only Israel has approved giving a second booster, or fourth shot overall, to people over the age of 60. Others have committed to “review the data” regarding the protection a second booster supposedly provides. Jessica Rose, a Canadian scientist, researcher and expert viral virologist, said it is not enough to limit booster vaccinations to once a year. She has called for the rollout of all vaccinations to end immediately. Rose warned that the spike proteins in the vaccines could impair the immune system. “That’s really scary to me,” she said during an interview with Joseph Mercola. “And I don’t know if that’s happening only in certain people, it probably is. It’s probably happening, maybe in people who already have pre-existing conditions. But nonetheless, this is something really, really, really scary that we need to investigate. And absolutely another reason why these [vaccine booster] rollouts should stop right now.” “We haven’t even talked about prion diseases,” she added. Link between vaccines and prion diseases another reason to stop mass vaccinations The COVID-19 vaccines are known to cause many autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases, including prion diseases like Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). CJD is a fatal degenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain. It can cause mental, physical and sensory disturbances like dementia and seizures. This disease is supposed to be very rare, but according to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), at least half a dozen people have already contracted it after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. During his conversation with Rose, Mercola pointed out that because of underreporting in VAERS, there are probably at least 30 to 50 actual cases of CJD caused by the vaccines, most likely more. (Related: Florida woman dies of brain disease after taking Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.) “This isn’t something that there’s a solution for. It kills you. If it gets into you, and you start getting, like, protein folded bad, you’re dead,” noted Rose. She added that America’s public health authorities should be sounding the alarm due to the prevalence of multiple cases of CJD occurring after vaccinations. “It’s another point of exceedingly important relevance that needs to be explored,” she said. “Because even in the remote possibility that there’s a causal link between these products and prion diseases, the remote possibility needs to be explored, because that would be so disastrous.” Watch this clip of Jessica Rose and Joseph Mercola talking about how vaccines and boosters destroy our immune system. This video is from the Zbest News channel on Brighteon.com. Learn more about the deadly side effects of COVID vaccines at VaccineInjuryNews.com. Sources include: Brighteon.com Bloomberg.com Twitter.com ChristianityDaily.com

European Medicines Agency advises against frequent COVID boosters, warns of risks

(Natural News) The European Medicines Agency (EMA) advised against frequent Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine boosters. It warned that frequent booster injections would have an opposite effect on the immune system and cause unintended consequences. EMA officials made the warning in a Jan. 11 press conference. The regulator eschewed proposals to inject people with a COVID-19 booster every four months. It argued that repeated, frequent boosters could tire out and eventually weaken the immune response – contrary to the intended goal. One EMA official disagreed with suggestions to indefinitely inject the population with boosters. Marco Cavaleri, head of the regulator’s biological health threats and vaccine strategy department, said that boosters “can be done once, or maybe twice, but it’s not something that we can think should be repeated constantly.” “While use of additional boosters can be part of contingency plans, repeated vaccinations within short intervals would not represent a sustainable long-term strategy,” he continued. “We need to think about how we can transition from the current pandemic setting to a more endemic setting.” As an alternative, the EMA officials said countries should leave more time between booster programs. They also suggested tying booster programs to the onset of the cold season in each hemisphere, similar to vaccination programs against influenza. The EMA’s recommendations leave the door open for an annual booster similar to the flu booster. The EMA’s suggestions come as several countries impose mandatory boosters amid the B11529 omicron variant’s spread. Israel mandated a fourth vaccine dose for its citizens aged 60 and above. (Related: Israel says covid booster shots will now be ENDLESS.)The United Kingdom, meanwhile, said boosters are providing a good level of protection and there is no need for a second booster shot – a fourth dose – at the moment. However, it added that it will review data to determine the need for future boosters. British scientist also advises against frequent boosters The EMA has found an ally in its stance against frequent COVID-19 boosters in the person of Andrew Pollard. The scientist from the University of Oxford and chairman of the U.K. Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization called frequent boosting an “unsustainable endeavor.” He argued in a Jan. 3 interview with the Telegraph that injecting booster doses to people every four to six months is not a sustainable long-term practice. “We can’t vaccinate the planet every four to six months. It’s not sustainable or affordable. [If] your goal [with boosters] is to stop all infections, that is wrong,” Pollard said. Pollard, who helped develop the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, also said that subsequent shots after the third vaccine dose should be put on hold. Only if “strong evidence” of their necessity emerges should they be required, he added. (Related: AstraZeneca vaccine creator says continual Covid vaccine booster shots are UNSUSTAINABLE.) “We know that people have strong antibodies for a few months after their third vaccination. But more data [is] needed to assess whether, when and how often those who are vulnerable will need additional doses.” However, Pollard espoused a different approach to boosting compared to EMA’s recommendation. He instead suggested that vaccine rollouts “target the vulnerable” instead of boosting entire populations. “The future must [focus] on the vulnerable, and make boosters or treatments available to them [in order] to protect them,” Pollard said. He also expressed agreement with the prevailing opinion that the omicron variant causes less severe disease than the earlier delta strain. Furthermore, Pollard commented that a lockdown is no longer needed to curtail the spread of COVID-19. “At some point, society has to open up. When we do open, there will be a period with a bump in infections – which is why winter is probably not the best time. But that’s a decision for the policy makers, not the scientists.” Watch the video below from The Punisher of Truth talking about the COVID-19 booster shots. This video is from The Punisher of Truth channel on Brighteon.com. Vaccines.news has more about the COVID-19 booster shots. Sources include: BigLeaguePolitics.com BloombergQuint.com LifeSiteNews.com Telegraph.co.uk Brighteon.com