China Goes to War With The Liberal World Order, US News Revolution
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China did all this in 1 week. ONE WEEK.

I’ll start listing:

1) Major crackdown on social media companies, as the CCP believes social media is corrosive and stops people from meeting one another in real life. Overnight, they annihilated 6 of the 7 top internet companies.

2) Education reforms – ban on private tutoring, children now to start education at age 6, giving them more time at home with their parents, ban on foreign teachers who aren’t residents of China, ban on companies that teach the curriculum outside of school hours.

3) Video games – The party has announced that video games are a “spiritual opium” and have started rounding up people who are addicted to video games to send them to treatment centers. Additionally, video games on app stores for children are now banned. Children also limited to 3 hours per week of video game play.

4) End of 996 culture – legal limit to 40 hour work week, with maximum 10 hour shifts. Family life is to be given new centre by companies.

China Goes to War With The Liberal World Order, US News Revolution

5) The creation of a “masculine and feminine” school curriculum, with girls being educated to be good mothers and boys being taught to be masculine and strong. CCP demands a “revolutionary and warlike spirit” from young men.

China Goes to War With The Liberal World Order, US News Revolution

6) Cash-for-children, housing, social welfare, education and careers will be linked to the number of children that you have. The more children you have, the cheaper things will be for you and the easier you will find it to get promotions at work.

7) Weekends – Chinese companies will now be required to give 1 day of paid leave per week to ensure parents spend time with their families.

8) Festivals – the CCP will require unmarried men and women to attend festivals were they will be told to seek partners for marriage. These festivals will be held as part of the working environment and so will be paid for by companies in China.

9) Paid leave – Chinese couples who have a child will now receive 12 months of paid leave [Note: I couldn’t find a source to confirm 12 months but I did find one saying mothers can get up to 6 months].

10) Internet use – to stop the rise of a “hikkimori” culture in China, individual internet use will be restricted so that you cannot spend more than 30 minutes online in one session, with a 30 minute cooldown timer.

11) Chinese school education will add a focus on patriotic education, teaching the history of China with a view that China needs to reclaim its centership of the world.

Tell me, what has your government done for you this whole ass year? I thought the commies were supposed to be the bad guys. Tired of winning yet?

China is just laughing about it all as they advance towards world domination using the old common sense ideas our subverted Western governments’ have abandoned!

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