Clinton Campaign Implicated in Crimes, US News Revolution
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Judicial Watch

President Trump is a crime victim and this indictment proves it.”

As FBI Special Counsel John Durham’s recent indictment of Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann shows, the investigation into Crossfire Hurricane is far from over.  “Michael Sussmann, who had been a lawyer for the firm behind the Steele dossier …  had a special meeting shortly before the election in 2016 with the General Counsel of the FBI, General Counsel Baker, in which they discussed targeting Trump,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton states in the Weekly Update. Sussmann, Fitton notes, “was behind the idea that a Russian bank had improper communications …  with the Trump organization.” However, “he was not indicted for lying about that specifically,” Fitton explains, “he lied about the purpose of the meeting.” According to the indictment, “he withheld from [General Counsel] Baker … that he was there on behalf of Hillary Clinton, the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, etc..”

“This meeting should never have taken place,” Fitton continues. As this indictment further proves, “the effort to tie Trump to Russia included false information knowingly given to the FBI under false pretenses.” According to Fitton, “there were email communications detailed in the indictment showing that they [Sussmann & co.] were discussing how to make the document they were going to give the General Counsel of the FBI plausible on its face, so that at least initially, someone could say ‘oh there’s something here’ even though they all knew that in essence it was a hoax.” “They all knew there was no there there when it came to the Trump organization having connections to the Russians,” Fitton adds.

“So the question is, is this going to be the last gasp of Durham or the beginning of something more by Durham?” Fitton continues. “It would seem unusual to me to have all that material about what looks to be other criminal activity that isn’t charged here, and just leave it there for no future action, so we’ll see what happens.”

Whatever does happen, Fitton highlights how the indictment points to “the FBI and the DOJ’s culpability … because the FBI had already been working with Christopher Steele.” As many viewers will recall, Judicial Watch uncovered that Christopher Steele was being paid by the FBI at the same time that he was being paid by the Clinton campaign.

A “positive development for the rule of law,” the Sussmann indictment is the latest piece in the Crossfire Hurricane puzzle, one which Fitton describes as “the greatest government corruption scandal in American history.”

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