Corrupt AZ and PA Democrats Are Threatening to Destroy Voting Machines After Forensic Audits, Costing Taxpayers Millions — Goes Against EAC Recommendations, US News Revolution
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Corrupt Democrats are Threatening to Destroy Voting Machines if a Forensic Audit Takes Place — Costing Taxpayers Millions
This goes against EAC recommendations. It is only being used as a tactic to threaten county officials.

Guest post by Kevin Moncla

Maricopa County, Arizona and Fulton County Pennsylvania are both replacing Dominion voting equipment under the guise that “uncertified” third parties who were hired to audit the equipment broke the chain of custody.

This all started with a letter from Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs to Maricopa County in which she claimed she would not certify the subpoenaed voting equipment after being returned from the audit.  Hobbs said in the letter:

“Unfortunately, after a loss of physical custody and control, no comprehensive methods exist to fully rehabilitate the compromised equipment or provide adequate assurance that they remain safe to use.”

After this, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors voted to replace the equipment at a $3,000,000 cost to Arizona taxpayers because the Secretary of State refused to certify the equipment for future elections.

Following Hobbs lead, and almost as if on cue, Pennsylvania Acting Secretary of State Veronica Degraffenreid decertified voting equipment in Fulton County that had also undergone an audit by a (credentialed) private company.

However, it seems that the Democrat officials never bothered to consult with the EAC or their website as the “Chain of Custody Best Practices Guide” has a section dedicated specifically to their concerns:

“• When you believe the chain of custody may have been broken, it is a best practice to assess the situation completely, gather the facts, and contact your attorneys, EAC labs, and your system manufacturer. A risk assessment should be performed to determine the extent of the potential harm based on your findings and final determination regarding how to proceed. After obtaining

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