Did Pentagon’s John Kirby Just Defend Treason Against Trump? Claims Every Interaction Isn’t “Written Down and Sent in a Memo”, US News Revolution
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Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby held a press conference at the Pentagon speaking about the bombshell story on General Milley. Accusations are in a new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. It’s a “bombshell revelation” that purportedly Gen Milley offered advance warning of an American attack to his Chinese counterpart on October 30th of 2020.

Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin asked Kirby about the news about Milley during the press conference.

Kirby said he couldn’t speak to the validity of the report on Milley. He went on to downplay Milley’s actions by saying it is completely appropriate for Milley to review nuclear protocols. Also, frequent communications with Russia and China by the Joint Chiefs Chairman is “routine.” Kirby is insinuating that it was ok to undermine President Trump.

Kirby says every single interaction isn’t “written down and sent in a memo.”

Is Kirby saying it’s routine for military leaders to go around the chain of command? Isn’t that treason?

Amy Tarkanian tweeted: “Here’s John Kirby defending treason.”

Here’s John Kirby defending treason. pic.twitter.com/TMGBpMX4Bg

— Amy Tarkanian (@MrsT106) September 15, 2021

Is it treason for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to go around the president to speak with a foreign nation?

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