Elitist Dem Candidate Terry McAuliffe Snaps at Reporter for Not Wearing a Mask Outside [Video], US News Revolution
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Democrat Terry McAuliffe is a longtime Clinton crony and career politician with a shady past. He’s an elitist who talks down to reporters.

The latest incident of McAuliffe talking down to reporters happened when McAuliffe spotted a VA Rising Action reporter not wearing a mask outside. He snapped at the reporter, calling him “dangerous” for not wearing a mask. Was McAuliffe’s agitation about the mask or about the question the reporter was asking? The reporter asked McAuliffe about his past comment that parents need to stay out of educating their children (see below).

McAuliffe yelled at a VARisingAction tracker yesterday and said he is “dangerous” because he wasn’t wearing a mask *outside*

McAuliffe boasted he would “build education” and dodged questions about the parents’ role in VA schools.

McAuliffe is pictured below on two recent occasions not wearing a mask.

McAuliffe dodged a question yesterday about the parents’ role in schools to attack a tracker for not wearing a mask outside and here he is with dozens of people around him and he’s one of the few people not wearing a mask. https://t.co/q0cDQToV0Q

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— Cameron Cawthorne (@Cam_Cawthorne) October 13, 2021

No mask in the photo below either:

.@DSMcAuliffe and I enjoyed a great roundtable discussion with parents, educators, early childhood education leaders, and my good friend @AnneHolton in Alexandria this AM. Together, we’ll build a world-class education system & keep kids safely in school. Let’s go! pic.twitter.com/iiWmmteA8a

— Terry McAuliffe (@TerryMcAuliffe) October 12, 2021

McAuliffe recently spoke with local reporters saying, “I was very clear” when asked about his comment that parents should be involved in educating their children. He falsely claimed that Critical

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