George Mason University Goes All In On Mandatory Vaccinations – Law Professor Threatens To Sue [VIDEO], US News Revolution
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Todd Zywicki, a George Mason University (GMU) law professor who had Covid and recovered from it, is threatening to sue the institution for mandating he take the jab despite his natural immunity.

Like all good little communists, GMU is requiring that all students be fully vaccinated by the 1st of August, before returning to campus, and all faculty to have received at least one dose by August 15th with full inoculation required by October 1st.

GMU put out a statement saying,  “Mason is joining the growing community of universities that require all students, faculty, and staff to get vaccinated and to share verification of their vaccination status, in order to work, study, and live on campus,” stating that they’d “approve appropriate exemptions for medical and religious reasons.”

Mr. Zywicki, a professor at GMU’s Scalia Law School who has recovered from COVID-19 is being represented by the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA). The Epoch Times reports that,

The New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA), which describes itself as a nonpartisan, nonprofit civil rights group that seeks “to protect constitutional freedoms from violations by the Administrative State,” said in a July 22 statement that GMU’s “flawed reopening policy” for the fall semester “tramples on the civil liberties of students, faculty, and employees alike.”

According to the article,

“For Professor Zywicki, who has recovered from COVID-19 and acquired robust natural immunity, it is not only medically unnecessary to undergo a vaccination procedure at the current time, but doing so also would create a risk of harm to him,” the NCLA wrote in the statement.

In a letter (pdf) to GMU executives, the NCLA urged them to reconsider their vaccination policy, arguing that the university’s refusal to recognize natural immunity or grant merit pay to staff who don’t share their vaccination status could lead to a lawsuit. The civil rights group

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