Illegal Alien From China Allegedly Set Multiple Fires in Historic Church… Called Pastors “Rich White Men”, US News Revolution
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Visa overstays are another aspect of the illegal alien problem in America most people don’t hear about. Hundreds of thousands of students overstay their F-1 visas every year and become illegal aliens. The case below is of a student visa holder who had her visa revoked after allegedly committing the crime of arson.

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One female student visa holder from China is facing federal charges for setting fire to a historic church in Alabama.

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According to the federal court filings, 27-year-old Xiaoquin Yan of China repeatedly scoped out the First Baptist Church Montgomery and referred to the pastors as “rich white men.” The church was founded in 1829 and is the church where Alabama Governor Kay Ivey attends services.

Yan was charged with second-degree arson after she set four fires in the sanctuary of First Baptist Church Montgomery. She caused about $25K in damage.

The pastor of the historic church said he had interacted with Yan and had suspicions about her. He was so suspicious that he wrote down her license plate number. A security guard and a custodian noticed that Yan came to the church with long hair and then with short hair. She suspiciously asked about the security cameras in the building.


In April of 2018, federal officials warned colleges about the huge potential for China to send “thousands” of its citizens to the US to commit “economic espionage”: “Boston is a target rich environment” – DOJ Officials

Federal officials are warning colleges that they are a target and to beware of the potential for Chinese spies

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