Jen Psaki Laughs Off Biden Chief of Staff Supporting Claim That Supply Chain Problem is a “High Class Problem” [Video], US News Revolution
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After Biden’s Chief of Staff, Ron Klain retweeted a claim that the supply chain problem is a “high-class problem.” Jen Psaki was asked if this was a “tone-deaf” comment by Klain.

Klain retweeted this:

Psaki smirked and mocked reporter Emerald Robinson for asking the question. This smirking and condescension has been a trend with Psaki, who mocks reporters when she doesn’t like a question.

Psaki doesn’t answer the question but spins around it:

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Psaki gets even more condescending after the second question asking about Klain being tone-deaf:

The Biden administration can call the supply chain problem whatever they want, but it is a problem for EVERYONE.

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