MONSTER WIFE Caught Selling Nuclear Secrets To Foreign Country With Navy Submarine Engineer Husband, Was Far-Left, Trump-Hating High School Teacher, US News Revolution
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Without much fanfare, it was announced yesterday that 42-year-old Navy submarine engineer Jonathon Toebbe and his 49-year-old high school teacher wife Diana Toebbe, were arrested by the FBI and charged with selling nuclear secrets to an unknown foreign nation. Before the Virginia couple was caught up in an FBI sting operation, they advertised for a babysitter on Facebook for their two young children so they could drop off the stolen intelligence from the US Navy.

Diana and Jonathon Toebbe

Diana’s social media accounts contained images and messages of support for Hillary Clinton and hatred for President Donald Trump.

The “Women Can Stop Trump” image seen below, was found on Diana’s Facebook page.  Did she plan to “stop Trump” by helping her husband to sell nuclear secrets to a foreign country?

She also retweeted this “resist” message in 2017 on Twitter. The #Resist movement was popular with leftist Hillary Clinton supporters but seems to have lost its relevance when it comes to resisting the tyranny of Joe Biden and his regime’s unconstitutional mandates or his dangerous open borders.

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Daily Mail reports – On July 28, Diana Toebbe, 45, asked for a babysitter on Facebook to watch her children early on Saturday morning for up to five to six hours.

She then posted an update to the original post, only visible to friends, with the word ‘*FOUND*’, implying a babysitter had been organized.

She and her husband Jonathan Toebbe, 42, then left their home in Annapolis, Maryland, unaware they were being watched by the FBI and headed to West Virginia.

The home of the spy couple has a Marxist Black Lives Matter sign in front.

Agents continued to surveil them as Jonathan Toebbe placed a 32-gigabyte memory

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