Portuguese Judge Boldly Confronts Police Over Their Own Violence [VIDEO], US News Revolution
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ER Editor: This short, 2-minute video has been doing the rounds the last few days. Portuguese Judge Rui Da Fonseca e Castro seems to have been heading out of court in Lisbon when he starts forcefully addressing a cop with an unmasked member of the public beside him. It appears that the policeman or other colleagues may have been ready to hit this unmasked person. Fonseca has his say, walks away to applause, and returns to deliver a little more to the cops standing around.

We’ll let blogger John C. Carlton provide some very rugged commentary.

The video has English subtitles.


Judge Dr. Rui da Fonseca e Castro confront cops in Portugal


By God, I did not know there were men with a set of balls and an understanding of God’s Law left in the world.

Like Abraham at Sodom & Gomorrah I looked long and hard around America and did not find one just man with a set of balls.

I would stand back to back with this man any day!

The cops of Australia, which gang up to beat up little girls for not wearing a mask, are now whining like little bitches because they have been told to take the jabs they are trying to force on children and freedom loving Australians.

Cops who gang up to oppress humans, the gentuza scum with badges who serve the evil sons of bitches making war on humanity are pussies of the First Degree!

But watch a video of a real man, the judge.

‘You Won’t Hit People For Not Wearing a Mask’


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