Did you see all of the fraud that took place with the 2020 presidential election ? Did you see the  entire system fail  with the collusion of big tech censorship before and after the election censoring, shadow banning, and manipulating information. Fake corporate news controlling narratives, “glitchy” voting machines that switched votes all for Biden on live TV, Counting machines that can’t be audited in America and have code that cant be made public and isn’t open source? How about a 2 party system of establishment globalists  who sold you out and did whatever they had to to remove Trump, and Big Tech  taking the sitting president offline with no means of communication to the American People?


If you are one of us who witnessed these and many other injustices for our choice to choose our president and elected officials, then I urge you to take the challenge. We saw the courts hide and turn their back with no interest in protecting this country, and of course the politicians who sold us out  again while they enrich themselves. This is our challenge to let the government and citizens know we recognize what occurred and will not be silent
The rules are as follows:


  1. Make signs or have some made and gather other patriots to a public area to display your push back against big tech, fake news , political swamp, and a complete system failure or any other grievances you may have.
  2. Post your event on our gab feed and other patriot sites, so that we can repost and spread. https://gab.com/usnewsrevolution
  3. It does not matter how long you are out or how many people you have to take the challenge but in what public presence you can get your message out.
  4. Stay out of corporate media. This is an organic event of and by  WE THE PEOPLE and we don’t need the corporate  media pretending to hear or understand our cause so that they can manipulate our events. We all saw the so called corporate conservative FOX NEWS call Arizona Early, have one sided debates and ridiculous polls then declare the election was valid so stay organic.
  5. If you can’t participate  to defend the country in this peaceful challenge and display your defiance and disgust against a system that failed us and colluded against your right to elect under free and fair elections, please help spread the challenge by sharing with at least 10 others that you know.


Re Declare your Independence this 4th of July
and Take the Rigged Election Challenge!!

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