Tough Guy Biden’s Airstrike Actually Killed a US Aid Worker Who Fed Hungry Afghans, and His 7 Beautiful Children, US News Revolution
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Remember how Biden threatened the Taliban on August 16, “If they attack our personnel or disrupt our operation, the US presence will be swift and the response will be swift and forceful. We will defend our people with devastating force if possible.”

President Biden warns the Taliban, "We will defend our people with devastating force if necessary."

— #WVTM13 (@WVTM13) August 16, 2021

Remember when Biden knew about the terror attack before it happened? Biden warned that increasing risks to our military and US citizens was “real.”

President #Biden warns the #Taliban about their enemy who is an ISIS affiliate the "ISIS- K " who are enemies of both USA (Allied Forces) & the Taliban. So now American, Allied forces, and Taliban have a common enemy and common goals.#Afghanistan

— Laieq Hashmi (@ItsHashmi) August 28, 2021

Remember when Joe Biden incoherently read from a teleprompter, as he talked about the murders of 13 US troops and “dozens of Afghan allies?

“It’s been a tough day.” 

Pres. Biden addresses the nation after 12 U.S. servicemen killed, 15 others wounded in terrorist attack near Kabul airport amid evacuation efforts in Afghanistan.

— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) August 26, 2021

Remember when Joe Biden threatened ISIS-K that the US would “not forget and would not forgive. We will hunt you down and make you pay!”

"We will hunt you down and make you pay," says US President Joe Biden after a terrorist attack at Kabul airport leaves dozens dead.

— NHK WORLD News (@NHKWORLD_News) August 27, 2021

Remember that drone strike that Biden, his incompetent regime, and his hard-left friends on social media bragged about his drone strike in Kabul during his botched evacuation efforts?

Jon Cooper, Trump

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