“Unfortunately, I’m not shocked”…Retired Army Colonel on Reported Conversations Between Gen Milley and China [Video], US News Revolution
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A Retired Army Colonel and Former Foreign Policy Advisor to President Trump spoke with Tucker Carlson about bombshell information via a new book from Bob Woodward claiming General Milley committed treason by going around the chain of command to speak to China.

Retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor commented to Carlson, “Unfortunately, I’m not shocked.” 

Tucker Carlson's Interview w/ Retired Army Colonel & Former Foreign Policy Advisor To President Trump Douglas Macgregor About Claims In Bob Woodward's New Book About General Milley's Secret Conversations w/ Chinese Government & Dems

Macgregor: "Unfortunately, I'm not shocked." pic.twitter.com/fLauCeYiRG

— The Columbia Bugle (@ColumbiaBugle) September 15, 2021

Questions surround the claims in the book because Woodward is very anti-Trump and has been known to spin.

Macgregor goes on to say what we do know to be true. If this is true, Milley has violated the law.

Is this an attempt to disparage Trump as “crazy”? The left is supporting what Milley has reportedly done to go around the chain of command.

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